7 Steps to Homeownership

7 Steps to Homeownership

Journey to New Home Ownership
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At H&H Homes, we know that buying a new home often means that homebuyers and their families are in the middle of significant transitions. That’s why we’re here to help and to keep the experience as smooth as possible. Here, we break down the journey to homeownership in seven simple steps.

1. On-site or Virtual Visit
First and foremost, we recommend that you check out all the homes, floorplans, and communities H&H Homes offers on our website. Keep in mind the locations where you’re most interested in relocating and setting up the perfect home for your next chapters. Please explore our website to find communities and home plans that draw your interest, as well as floorplans and home designs that best suit your needs. Then, contact an Online Sales Counselor to schedule your first visit. Our Online Sales Counselors will support you in scheduling an on-site or virtual tour of a model home. Virtual tours are a good option if you are interested in a property that would require you to travel or to relieve any concerns around COVID-19. We can help you reduce the distance between you and your dream home – the safe way. During your new home tour, ask lots of questions! We look forward to meeting you!

2. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage.
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is a key step in assessing how ready you are to own a home. A pre-approval helps you map out your homebuying timeframe in a realistic way. Once you obtain a pre-approval letter from your lender, you’ll be ready to discuss loan options and budgeting. These details can help clarify your financial future and a sustainable monthly mortgage payment rate. Be prepared to submit your employment history, projected income, and any assets you own. To start the process, visit our preferred lender’s website.

3. Sign Contract
When you sign your contract, you decide on a home plan and site as well as structural details for homes that are not yet built. Our New Home Consultants make the contracting process seamless. Work with them to sign your purchase agreement and submit your earnest money and builder deposit. These deposits are a small percentage of your new home’s total price, and they reflect your good faith and intention to move forward with the purchase process. Upon signing your purchase agreement, you’ll be ready to begin your loan process and finance your new home.

4. Design Studio Appointment
At H&H Homes, we are here to help add your personal touch to your new home. Our Design Studio offers services to new homebuyers who are looking for ways to add that extra something special to a new home, or who have preferences for specific materials. Once you’ve signed your new home agreement, you will hear from our Design Studio Consultant to set up an appointment to personalize your new home. The process will involve reviewing your home plan, home site, and special features that are included in your new community. When building your new home, your Design Studio appointment is the moment to decide on your home’s exterior colors and select design options for your home’s interior. If the home you have selected is already under construction or completed, please note that not all design studio options are available. You can check in with your New Home Consultant for details.

5. Begin Home Construction
Once you’ve made your Design Studio selections, the construction process can begin. It is important to note that changes are no longer allowed once the home begins construction. The process involves permitting, framing and drywall, and quality assurance with 3rd party testing and inspections. The timeframe for moving into a newly constructed H&H home is roughly 6-8 months.

6. Attend a Homeowner Orientation
Before you close on your home, you will meet with the builder to learn all the fine details about your new home. Your builder will give you a full home walk-through and share crucial homeowner knowledge around how to operate and maintain your new home’s water valve and electric boards. Your homeowner orientation is also the moment to review our warranty procedures and to dive into your home documents and trade partner contacts.

7. Move-In
The moment you move in is your closing time! At this point, you can sign the final documents needed to close on your home loan. Once you have finalized your contract, we will hand you your keys, and you’ll be move-in-ready.

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Click here to download the PDF “The Journey to New Home Ownership.”